Q & A

1. Do you offer free deliveries?

We only offer free delivery to Blaxland-Penrith-St Marys-Mt Druitt-St Clair-Glenmore Park area. Post codes are: 2745, 2747, 2748, 2750, 2759, 2760, 2770, 2773 and 2774 for orders over $75.

2. Do you deliver national wide?

Yes but if you live outside of Blaxland-Penrith-St Marys-Mt Druitt-St Clair-Glenmore Park area (post codes 2745, 2747, 2748, 2750, 2759, 2760, 2770, 2773 and 2774) only none perishable products can be delivered via parcel, which means category "chilled", "frozen", "vegetables", or anything >=5kg can be delivered. System will block your check out if you chose these products.

3. Why can't I proceed payment even if I am in the free delivery area?

Because your shopping cart is less than $75.

4. Why can't I proceed payment for national delivery?

Because you have at least 1 item in the shopping card is either frozen, chilled, fresh, overweight or dangerous goods, marked as red bold fonts in product description. Once you remove them, you will be able to check out.

5. Which service do we use for delivery?

Local delivery is done by our staff, and national delivery is via Sendle.

6. How long can I expect my order be delivered?

Local delivery usually is done by end of next business day. National delivery is determined by Sendle. 

7. Why prices is different from store to store to online?

Different sales channel has different cost to manage, so the charges are different. In most of the cases, our retail store in Westfield Mt Druitt offers the lowest price.