How to Cook Frozen Dumplings:

Boil, Steam, or Pan-Fry


Trin's tips: this video is suitable for most of our frozen dumpling products. All these 3 ways are very simple and easy! Just always remember to slowly stir the dumplings immediately after dropping into boiling water, otherwise they may stick to the bottom of your pot! 2 minutes after the dumplings floating on the top, they are well cooked! Dip them with soy sauce or vinegar and make them yummy!

Best way to Cook Frozen Buns:

Defrost in Microwave Oven!


Trin's tips: this video explains the way how Chinese Buns (steamed bread) are made, and it displays a very famous type of buns - Xiao Long Bao. When you bring our frozen buns home, the best and easiest way to heat them up is to use defrost of your microwave oven for 3 - 5 minutes until fully done, so that the skin won't be over heated. Try them and you will never regret!

How to Deep Fry Spring Rolls:

Temperature control is the key!

Trin's tips: You don't have to defrost the frozen spring rolls before frying. Don't heat the oil to boiling - that is too high temperature. Drop spring rolls into heating oil, and deep fry until they turn to golden brown. You can also find spring rolls sauce from our shop!

How to Cook Frozen Wontons:

Boil them with Chicken Soup Base


Trin's tips: Wontons are similar to dumplings. You can find frozen wontons in our shop and boil with chicked soup base. Always remember to slowly stir the wontons immediately after dropping into boiling water, otherwise they may stick to the bottom of your pot! 2 minutes after the wontons floating on the top, they are well cooked! Alternatively, you can deep fry wontons like spring rolls, exactly the same way. Enjoy!

Sick of Regular Healthy food? Try Baby Bok Choy Toufu Soup


Trin's tips: You can your own choice of either baby bok choy, chinese cabbage, or english spinich as vegetables in this recipe. This soup is so healthy and tasty that it has a nick name "Pearl, Emerald and White Jade Soup" in China.

Fish Balls - Good Mate of Soup


Trin's tips: You can always add some fish balls into your soup, no matter which type of fish ball or crab meat sticks. Add into Laksa, Tom Yum, noodle soup or rice noodle soup are always the best idea - they always make your soup more inviting. It is the same rule to judge if they are well cooked - boil them 2 more minutes after they float to the top of the soup. 

How to Make Your Own Japanese Curry 

Trin's tips: There is no secret from Trin at all :) Choose the right Japanese curry from us, stir fry vegetables first, and if you love over cooked potatos, stir fry potatos first. We make it for the whole family each week, and never feel sick of it! 

How to Make Tom Yum Soup

Trin's tips: Tom Yum soup is one of the best of Thailand. With Tom Yum paste, premium Vietnamese fish sauce and coconut cream you can find from our shop, it is almost an instant soup for you!

Salmon Head is Never a Waste in Toufu Soup

Trin's tips: Salmon head is never ever a waste. Fry it and add in Tofu, it will become a cheap but tasty light soup for your family. Find Tofu, pickled mustard, and lemonades from our store and do it yourself! A secret: according to Chinese medicals this soup can help with breast feeding for new mums, and it has no herb or pharmaceutical substances at all!

Yummy Chinese Sausages

Steam them or make fry rice


Trin's tips: You can simply steam the Chinese sausages, and once they look shiny they are well cooked. Cut them into slices or pieces as you like, either before or after cooking are fine, and enjoy them!

Fried Fish Fillet in Oyster Sauce

Ingredients: Fish fillet 300 g [cut into pieces]; Snow peas/Mangetout 120g; Carrot (s) 50 g [thinly sliced]; Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce 2 tbsp; Water 2 tbsp 


  1. Pan-fry fish fillet in 2 tbsp oil for about 5 minutes until both sides are golden yellow and done.

  2. Add carrot, snow peas and sauce mix.  Stir well lightly for about 3 minutes until sauce thickens
    TIPS: Thick fish fillets are suitable for pan-frying.

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