About Us 關於我們

Proudly as the Asian supermarket of Penrith, we deliver variety of quality Asian foods to Penrith people.

Our branding colour is yellow and green. Yellow is the Chinese colour, and green means we help reducing CO2 emmision - no need to drive 30km+ for shopping asian groceries - think environment.

Founded in 2017 by Trin and Li, Trin's Asian Mart has established herself as one of the best specialty supermarket in Penrith local area. Customers' shopping convenience, effectiveness and experience are the ultimate goal of Trin’s Asian Mart. We fully regard our customers as the real force to retain our business in Penrith. Our customer focus culture drives the continuous optimisation of our product portfolio and availability, and urges us keep improving our service level and customer satisfaction.

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Your opinions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or criticisms, complaints are always valuable to us. Please be generous to leave us feedback, and we will improve our service for you.

Our Location 地址

Shop 016, Penrith Westfield

585 High Street, Penrith

NSW, 2750

Contact 聯係方式

Phone電話: 02 4786 0100

Facebook: @trinsasianmart

WeChat: trinsasianmart

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