Delivery 關於配送

Due to COVID-19 situation, as an interim solution, we provide delivery service for Penrith customers. Please call us to place your order. Each order will incur a $10 delivery charge unless you meet Free Delivery Amount. Please note that rice or wheat flour cannot be counted into the Free Delivery Amount. 鑑於冠狀病毒肺炎疫情,本店為Penrith地區客戶提供送貨服務。請通過我們微信下訂單。不滿免費送貨金額的訂單,每單收$10送貨費。米和麵粉不計算在免費送貨金額之內。

1. We only deliver to Penrith area. If you want us deliver to any area outside of our map, please note that we can only deliver none perishable products (chilled or frozen or fresh vegetables) via parcel, so please book your own pick up via after we confirm your order. 我們僅為Penrith地區提供送貨上門服務。如果您不在本地圖範圍之內,我們可以安排快遞公司配送非冷凍食品。您可以在我們配貨完成後,自行在https://au.interparcel.com預定快遞公司上門取件。

2. For customers in Penrith area, please refer to above detailed order day and delivery day information. Please let us know what time you have person at home on the delivery day, otherwise we cannot be responsible for thawing of your perishable products. 在配送範圍內的客戶,具體送貨日期、金額要求、配送收費,請參照上面表格以及地圖。

3. For COVID-19 reason, we will only leave the goods at front door, knock at the door and leave your premise. We are not liable for any loss after the goods are left at your front door. For unit apartment customers, we will request you come down to meet our delivery staff to hand over goods. 鑑於新冠病毒的易傳染性,我們僅會將您的訂單留在您的門外並敲門後離開,恕不照面。我們恕不對商品送達後的遺失或損壞問題承擔責任。住公寓房的客戶,請按照約定的時間下樓取貨,恕不送到門口。

4. As we are a retail store not a warehouse, inventory level is always dynamic so that we cannot guarantee all stock are available all the time. We will adjust your final payment depends on stock availability. 鑑於我們是實體店並非網店,我們無法保證所有商品都有貨。我們會在結帳時告知您缺貨的項目並調整最終價格。

5. Final charges are decided by in store price not on-line price. However, they should not vary too much. We will notify you the final amount and request you transfer into our account before dispatch. 商品的價格由店內實際零售價格確定。我們會在配貨完成後確認總額,然後在您向我們銀行帳戶付款之後配送。

6. The product photos showed online may be slightly different to the actual products. 網上的圖片可能與實物有輕微差別。

7. This Terms and Conditions are drafted in limited time due to COVID-19 situation. Trin's Asian Mart Pty Ltd holds the right of ultimate explanation of these terms and conditions.此條款為新冠肺炎疫情所設,若有疏忽,敬請諒解。利群超市保留對本條款的最終解釋權。

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